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Captain Dwayne Pollard

With over 15 years experience, Barbadian Captain Dwayne is licensed and insured to operate commercially along the pristine shores of Barbados. The Captain primarily operates the platinum West coast of Barbados, providing services such as:

Soft drinks (soda), beers and Barbados' Rum Punch available. Premium bar available at an additional cost.

Bookings are required 24 hours in advance. (Flexibility is always possible, please call for last minute inquiries.)

Luxury Speedboat Cruises


Private Coastal Cruise:

You and your party may charter the boat privately by the hour to have a guided tour of Barbados' pristine West coast to view all the lovely homes and resorts. Making a stop to swim and snorkel is optional, as the boat is all yours to decide your route and activities during the charter. (1 to 10 people)

Shared Coastal Cruise:

If scheduling permits, you and your party may share the boat with another party/parties for the tour experience. This is good for those adventurous ones who are open for serendipitous encounters with like minded guests. (Up to 10 people, 2 hour minimum.)

Snorkeling Tours


Snorkel with sea turtles and fish!

Snorkel tours are personalized to visit pristine locations lush with marine life. We make stops to snorkel with the sea turtles and fish, including the protected marine park with a ship wreck and natural coral reef. No glass, no cages, you'll be in direct contact with nature!

Flexible scheduling available, please contact us for details.

Snorkel gear included in tour.

WaterSports Activities


Fun in the Sun! Paddle boards and Tubing

We have stand up paddle board rentals for that relaxing coastline "stroll". On those weather-permitting days, the Caribbean seas of Barbados' west coast can be extremely tranquil. Stand up paddle boarding makes for a very stress relieving experience, all at your own pace.

Have fun being towed behind the speedboat in a donut/tube. Fun for the kids and the kids at heart! Options are 2 single seaters (2 tubes x 1 person each) or 1 triple seater (3 people on 1) tubes.

Let's Get Creative!


Captain, take the wheel!

When your office is the ocean, the possiblities are endless! Discuss with Captain Dwayne about any combination (or all) of the provided services.

If you're feeling lucky, just choose your available time slot and let Captain Dwayne do the rest. Sit back, relax and let Captain Dwayne take you for unforgettable experience.

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